Who We Are

Windows Alive is a professional graphic design and installation business dedicated to creating stunning artistic designs on glass for our clients.

We are committed to creating beauty not only in businesses, but in places of worship and public spaces, homes or in any place that uses glass.... without charging outlandish prices...and without compromising on quality.

We don't take "quality" lightly. The materials we use, the care we take to create our designs and our customer service all speak to this commitment.

We are based in Northern California and serve the San Francisco Bay area, the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento and surroundings and even Southern California for bigger projects.

Art with Benefits

Although art for art's sake is wonderful, art has a long tradition of serving very pragmatic needs. Art doesn't need to be just in an art gallery or a public space.

For businesses, glass art can double as elegant advertising and pull in customers.

For homes, glass art can hide an unsightly outdoor view, or give the home more privacy.

For all structures, intelligent additions of window film can lower cooling costs, protect fabrics against UV damage, provide a safety film against theft or window breakage or protect against graffiti damage.

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Vibrant Color on Glass

An Abstract Image Using the interaction of light against colored film on glass, we can create colorful and eye-catching art.

Combinations of film can be applied up to six layers creating millions of color-reflective/transparency/translucency and graphic effects.

A graphic can change the look of a window on the outside while transforming the inside space at the same time. Designs are computer-generated and translated into intricate patterns on film that are cut on our plotter.

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Etched Glass

Etched Glass

There's something about the look of etched glass that spells "elegant" and "class." We create an elegant etched glass look at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass.

We offer custom designs. Only the imagination restricts the range of creative designs possible with our processes.

Etched glass entryways welcome the visitor and make a statement about the uniqueness of the home or business. Etched glass dividers and signs give a touch of class to any office, restaurant or other types of business.

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Religious Art

Church Window

Think that church art is beyond your reach? Think again. Because of advances in computer technology, there are beautiful stained glass alternatives that don't compromise on looks or quality. Great artwork that was once unaffordable is now within plain reach.

Even if you are small congregation, rent or lease the building and can’t make permanent alterations, we can offer you designs that look gorgeous, will last for many years and not break your budget.

The bright colors and see-through qualities of the materials we use are like nothing else presently being used for church art. Our skilled designers bring artistic visions into a stunning reality – in both contemporary and traditional styles. Our designers can develop your imagination into designs that will truly enhance the spaces of your place of worship.

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