Who We Are

Windows Alive is a professional graphic design and installation business dedicated to creating stunning artistic designs on glass for our clients.

We are committed to creating beauty not only in businesses, but in places of worship and public spaces, homes or in any place that uses glass.... without charging outlandish prices...and without compromising on quality.

We don't take "quality" lightly. The materials we use, the care we take to create our designs and our customer service all speak to this commitment.

We are based in Northern California and serve the San Francisco Bay area, the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento and surroundings and even Southern California for bigger projects.

Affordable Art

Religious art doesn't have to be expensive. Because of advances in technology and materials, there are beautiful stained glass alternatives that don't compromise on looks or quality. Great artwork that was once unaffordable is now within plain reach.

Even if you are small congregation, rent or lease the building and can’t make permanent alterations, we can offer you designs that look gorgeous, will last for many years and not break your budget.


Religious Art: Combining the Traditional with the Contemporary...

Modern Church Art When people think of religious art for places of worship, they usually think of stained glass. It works in reverse, too. If you ask people what they usually associate stained glass with... they think of places of worship.

But just as church architecture has gone in new directions, often mixing the old with the new, there are now excellent alternatives to stained glass. The new art forms often use new technology, but the art itself can be similiar to the traditional stained glass religious styles...or have a totally modern look.

Either way, the art can still retain that wonderful feel of time-tested stained glass effects.

Closeup of church window

We use computer-cut window film over glass (the same material as window tint), computer-aided design techniques and a plotter to cut the film. Although this technology may sound prosaic, the kinds of artistic effects are amazing.

The bright and see-through quality of the window film, combined with layering and backing film techniques, offers a very large array of possibilities - often surpassing what can be done with traditional stained glass.

Our skilled designers bring artistic visions into a colorful and classy reality – in both contemporary and traditional styles. We can develop your imagination into designs that will truly enhance the spaces of your place of worship.

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